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Lesson Plan by Pascale Baud (France)

Grade: 11-12 years old

Theme : sensitive reality
"Anchoring" point : Circus and clowns
General objectives : analyze, synthesize
Particular objectives : adequacy background/form, contrasts of colors.
Subject : "Clown"
Duration : 2 periods

Presentation of the subject :
1) To insist on the fact that each pupil should have in front of him only one sheet, a pencil, a gum, and colors. No scissors.
2) Setting is necessary:
to take a sheet of and to start to openly tear the circumference of it in an irregular way.
Each tear must be different.
Not too much to respect the rectangular starting form without too transforming it.
Not to reveal the subject.

Realization of the subject :
1) In their turn, the pupils are invited to make in the same way by respecting the same instructions.
2) When the new torn form is ready, one should not any more touch it and to avoid the possible defrauders: each one will throw the small torn pieces in the dustbin.
3) At last I reveal the subject:
" You have just carried out the contour of your clown without the knowledge. Now you must to show which head it has and how is its costume! ".
4) Before seeing them too quickly drawing anywhere, anyhow, give these instructions:
" Look at your form well, to turn it in all the directions, try to see whether you do not discover a foot, a cap etc.
You discover in this contour of the unexpected things to you to update them! "

Conclusion/Critics :
The major difficulty is to succeed in rendering comprehensible that the torn circumference = the general shape of the clown.
A certain number of pupils will encounter this problem and will again draw contour inside the torn sheet. They will carry out a clown as on any other support of rectangular form, without drawing part of the form which they tore by chance.
History of art :

Decorative productions of art.
Sculptures of functional elements of Gothic cathedral e.g. (pier, gargoyles...).