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Lesson plan by Cheryl Powell (USA)

Grade: K4-5-6

Buy pre-made stones (at any garden center or Wal-Mart store), Draw your design directly onto the stone.
Use concrete adhesive to glue stained glass pieces to the stone in the design you have drawn leaving small gaps between pieces (stained glass may be purchased at a specialty shop or ordered from art catalogs).
You may cut the glass using a variety of types of glass cutters or glass nippers--whichever style you like the best.
Allow glue to dry completely, check for loose pieces of glass.
Avoid having sharp edges!.
Using sanded grout (available at any lumber supply store) mix according to directions.
Push grout down into gaps between glass, and over edges (smoothe edges as if icing a cake).
Smooth grout over glass and edges and then let it sit about 20 minutes.
Take a barely damp sponge and gently rub over stone to smooth grout and clean glass.
Rinse sponge and repeat as neccesary to make stone even and smooth.
Allow to dry 24 hours.
Clean with a glass cleaner and !
buff glass clean.