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MUSIKMALERI  (Music painting)
Lesson plan by Eva Bentzen (Denmark)

Grade: 12-14 years old.

This first art idea I have used many times with many different age groups.
The walls or whatever you use as background must be covered in plastic.

The pupils paint to music (I mostly use Vivaldi).
In the beginning they are only allowed to use one colour at a time and only change colour when I say they may.

They are only given red, blue, yellow and white.
Some like to sit on chairs but the best results are when they can stand up while they paint.

The paintings change as the days pass.

The second day they only get secondary colours, but before using the colours they must cover some areas of their painting with sticky plastic film.

The third time they are told to put their pictures upside down before putting on more shapes with plastic film. This time they can choose the colours they like best.

The fourth day we take away the covered places and start searching for things in the paintings. The shapes can be surrounded with paint in the same colour or they can add things or shapes

Then it is time to finish with crayons.

Finally the pictures are shown as an exhibition.

This last picture was made by a boy, who did not like working like this, but the result as you can see was very good!