Origamic Architecture Cards

24 Free Patterns / 24 modèles gratuits
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Pr. Masahiro Chatani

1934 Born in Hiroshima, grown in Ohmori, Ohta-ku ward, Tokyo.
1956 Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Posts include Researcher of Architectural Research Institute, Taisei Construction.
1967 Ministry of Construction, Doctor of Engineering.
1969 Assistant professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
1977 Associated Assistant professor of Washington University.
1980 Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
1995 Professor emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Posts include a lecturer of Japan Architectural College - professor of Hosei University and of Shizuoka University of Art and Culture.
Presently a representative of Origamic Architecture Corporation, a lecturer of Hosei University, of Women Art Junior College, of Japan Architectural College.
As a founder of Origamic Architecture, in personal exhibitions of his works, seminars and such like, he continues to play active parts at home and abroad. Certified Architect 1st class.