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Featured visitor's papercrafting projects / Créations en papier de nos visiteurs
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This page is yours and it's free. If you want to share your best papercraft works with the whole world, feel free to send us from 1 to 5 photos (800x800 pixels maximum) with your name, your country, possibly your homepage url and a short description.

Cette page est la vôtre et c'est gratuit. Si vous souhaitez partager vos meilleures créations en papier avec le monde entier, vous pouvez nous envoyer de 1 à 5 photos (800x800 pixels maximum) avec votre nom, votre pays, éventuellement l'adresse de votre site perso et une courte description.

Corey Gardner Corey Gardner Corey Gardner Corey Gardner Corey Gardner Corey Gardner

Corey's works

© Corey Gardner (Planet Earth) - 2011

Corey is coming to say hello and share stuffs made from our kirigami patterns. Thanks Corey ! It is nicely done.

Art Papier

© Daniel Mar (France) - 2010
contact: danielmar at

Une feuille de papier blanc pour bâtir un monde fragile et improbable. Une épuration du superflu pour aller directement à l’essentiel et laisser parler le papier vierge est la règle de ce jeu de séduction dont chaque œuvre est unique.

Fashion containers

© Isadorée Creations (USA) - 2010
contact: contact at

My fashion containers are entirely made with recycled products: the boxes and canisters had a previous use and were destined to be thrown out... I only allow myself to use recycled paper (catalogs, maps, wrapping papers) or discarded silk flowers to create my storage units.

Jeffrey Rutzky's works

© Jeffrey Rutzky (USA) - contributions 2007/2008
contact: jrutzky at

(from left)
- Dave Swart’s Earth Puzzle, 2008, 4.5" dia., printed on transparency,
cut on a Craft ROBO.
- Stairway to Heaven, by Hans Schepker
This took 1-1/2 hours to fold, but less than five minutes to
minimally prepare the file for ROBO and then cut-n-score both sides.
No X-Acto or scoring tool was used! Not even tweezers; only fingers.
- Origami Cube, by Oskar van Deventer
Cut out and cut-scored on my Craft ROBO.
No X-Acto or scoring tool was used!
- Cubes. Designed by David Hathaway, cut with a Craft ROBO.
- Erechtheion. Designed by Jagoda Djuran, cut with a Craft ROBO.
- Half-step. Designed by Paul Jackson, cut with a Craft ROBO.
- How to Be a Paper Architect. Cut with a Craft ROBO using Pop-Up font.
- Modern Temple. Designed by Willem Boning, cut with a Craft ROBO.
- Modern Tower Pop-Up. Designed by Magda Jonikas, cut with a Craft ROBO.
- Paper Sculpture. Traditional kirigami with bead embellishments, cut with a Craft ROBO.
- Tetra Perpetual Calendar. Designed by Peter J. Visser; Tetrahedral
map projection by Carlos A. Furuti.
- Rialto Bridge. Designed by Tatyana (tekuila) Stolyarova, cut with a Craft ROBO.
- Slide-togethers. Designed by George W. Hart, cut with a Craft ROBO.
Mr. Hart coined the term "Modular Kirigami."
- Wind Gauge Book, or as Ramin Razani calls it in French: Livre
Anémomètre. Designed by Ramin Razani, cut with a Craft ROBO.
- Designer Paul Austin's chess set (with modifications to pieces by
Jeffrey Rutzky), originally featured in Paul Jackson's "The Pop-Up Book." Crafted by Jeffrey Rutzky with help from Adobe Illustrator, Epson 1280 printer, and lots of X-acto cuts.

Origamic cards and Paper Cutting (decoupage)

© Julia Palmer (USA) - Contribution from 2005 to 2010
contact: juliadpalmer at

The first two are sympathy cards I made,
The first one is an OA card. I used a templet from one of Chatani/nakazawa's books
The second card is a parchment card. I am just learning how to do this type of card.
The third card is a 3D tole card, also called 3D decoupage.

Presepe Napoletano - origamic card

© Enzo (Italy) - 2007
contact: enpen59 at

My name is enzo, write to you from Naples-Italy.
The photo reproduces a "presepe napoletano", realized with the technique of origamic architecture.

More visitor's contributions / Plus de contributions