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Art Resources

Oil Painting Techniques | Learn How to Oil Paint -

Tattoo artists in gurgaon  - Devilz Tattooz is best studio for safe, beautiful and trendy tattoos designs.

Origamic Architecture

Ky Paper Works - A new OA website by artist Kenton Yoder. Card gallery and other creations.

Marivi's Origamic Architecture - Many card designs, featuring models based upon the architecture of Gaudi. Also includes instructions and a section on Heraldic Origamic Architecture.

Baud & Bui Origamic Architecture - Includes several paper and plastic arts in addition to origamic architecture. There are several pictures and patterns available as well as a biography of Masahiro Chatani.

David Hathaway's Origamic Architecture - Pattern of the Tate Modern in London.

Evermore Origamic Architecture - Features a gallery, extensive news and links pages, a book listing, and a few patterns. Home of the Origamic Architecture Maillist.

Handmade Papercraft Club - A variety of pictures and patterns, from a hippo in a bathtub to socks. Also contains instructions (in Japanese) with diagrams.

Jagoda's Origamic Architecture - Gallery of models and patterns.

Kihara's Gallery - Features 180 degree O.A. of buildings and animals. Includes links to news articles.

Magda's Origamic Architecture - Contains galleries of primarily geometrical origamic architecture as well as links.

Origamic Architect Keiko Nakazawa - Pictures of several types of origamic architecture and a section on the American Craft Museum Origamic Architecture exhibit.

Origamic Architecture of Kuwait - Gallery of models of important buildings in Kuwait.

Paper (Origamic) Architecture - Buildings and complex abstracts by Ingrid Siliakus. Includes gallery and listing of past and upcoming exhibits. Taviori - Gallery, large photos, examples of light and OA, and links.

Vanessa's Origamic Architecture - A companion website to Marivi's Origamic Architecture. Maintained by Marivi's daughter, and includes several pictures of cards.

Virtual Gallery of Origamic Architecture - Gallery of many models folded by Gerry Stormer, a diagram entitled "Diego's Dreams," and links.

Willem's Origamic Architecture - Offers patterns from Europe and Asia. Also includes holiday cards, instructions, and links.