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Lesson plan by Michelle Procida (USA)

Grade: K2

Unit: Printmaking
Project: African Textile cloth
Words to Know: Print, pattern, repeat, balance
Materials: 6" cardboard squares thin foam sheets, tacky glue or a glue with a lot of latex for flexibility, repros of african textile designs, tempera apint.

Hand out the designs and discuss with class the use of simple shapes-squares, rectangles, circles, diamonds, etc. Discuss the balance of the designs and have students cut foam into simple shapes. (If you buy thin foam it can be cut very easily.) Glue shapes onto cardboard to form a printing block or stamp. Let dry...

Divide a large piece of burlap into 24 squares with permanent marker and
leave a 3" border at top and bottom. Allow students to paint stamp with tempers and print onto burlap squares. Some students can unravel burlap border at top and bottom, reinforcing concept of weaving by "unweaving" to create a fringe.

The result will be a class project which shows symmetry, printmaking, and the influence of African art.