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by Andre Lozano (France)

Niveau: 6 ème - 11-12 years old

With Cyber-Workshop of artistic practices, the pupils of the college might communicate with the avant-garde of artistic creation on the Web and to leave a little the rural loneliness which characterizes our school.

By a virtual gallery and a showroom of discussion (chat on line) where we will invite actors of artistic creation on the Web (graphic designers, webmasters, artists) to share their experiments and to expose their work.

Our teaching objective is to turn out our pupils with the contemporary tools of communication and to initiate them with the new culture (cyber culture, Web, networks) while returning them actors and organizers of events (chat, virtual galleries, forum) on Internet.

It is here the expression of a will shared by the parents, the pupils and the teaching staff... to be with closest to the economic and cultural contemporary stakes.

©2001 André Lozano